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About Us


Bright Side Lifestyle is an apparel company that focuses on growing awareness for people with a mental health illness, and or anyone going through a tough time in life. Bright Side Lifestyle uses positive symbolistic messages woven into the apparel designs to promote a balanced healthy lifestyle.  Bright Side Lifestyle also donates a portion of proceeds to the Brian & Behavior Research Foundation.

The meaning behind “Bright Side Lifestyle” can be broken down into two parts; the first phrase “Bright Side” stands for the company’s values of having an optimistic mindset of “Looking on the Bright Side” meaning finding the positives in the hard times and adapting to the journey.  The second half of the name “Lifestyle”, represents our overall goal of promoting a balanced and healthy life.

The logo is a gold self made wave design. The message of this wave logo is to say that life is always filled with highs and lows or blessings and lessons. The gold color is representative of feeling and finding hope in the tough and dark times of life while remembering to “look on the bright side”.